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Sleeping Baby
  • The Sleep Rescue Call
    This consultation call is ideal for families in need of bespoke sleep advice and support but without the need for after-care support or written plan. This call is perfect for routine centred sleep issues such as early rising or cat napping. For more detailed consultation and support see 'The Ultimate Snooze Package' 45-minute consultation No follow-up support or plan £95
  • Ultimate Snooze Package
    This the most popular consultation for babies and toddlers alike, covering everything from routine and daytime naps to night time sleep. After asking you to fill in a sleep questionnaire I will be in a position to start helping you. This consultation encompasses everything you will need to know about sleep and settling your little one. I will talk you through the science of sleep and sleep cycles and detail how to create the perfect sleep environment. We will talk through the practical element of laying your baby down to sleep, sleep cue preparations and settling at night and during the day. I will talk you through a suitable sleep method and we'll move forward with one which suits your family dynamic. This package is inclusive of a personalised sleep plan and 2x weeks follow-on support with me where we work closely together to help you implement your new plan on a daily basis. Consultation Call - 60-90-minutes Bespoke Written plan 2x weeks unlimited follow-on support Extra 30-minute check-in call £395
  • Daytime Practical Support
    This is a two hour visit to you and your little one at home. Our time is placed prior to and during a nap so that we can go through the practical element of positive sleep cue preparations, laying your little one down to sleep and settling them before and during the nap together. Giving you greater confidence at implementing settling techniques as you move forward. We will also thoroughly talk through night time sleep to make sure your little one is comfortable linking sleep cycles over a 24 hour period. This package is inclusive of a written plan and 2x weeks of follow-on support with me. 2-hour home visit Written plan and routine 2x weeks of unlimited follow-on support Add on extra hours at £90 per hour (maximum 4-hours) £695
  • Bedtime Support
    This is a 2-hour visit to your home centred around bath and bedtime routine. This visit is perfect for babies and toddlers who are experiencing sleep difficulties and anxiety around going to bed. We will go through bath and bedtime routine, new sleep cues and sleep method at bedtime to bring calm back to this time of day. We will talk through daytime routine and how to correlate your sleep method to aid daytime napping also. This package is inclusive of a written plan and 2x weeks of follow on support with me. 2-hour home visit Written plan and routine 2x weeks of unlimited follow-on support Add on extra hours at £90 per hour (maximum 4-hours) £695
  • Overnight Support
    This package is ideal for babies, toddlers and children experiencing multiple night time wakings. I will help you put your little one to bed, stay overnight, support and advise you during the night wakings and propose the necessary daytime routine changes to encourage nighttime sleep. This is the ultimate all-round package where I support you in real-time at each night waking and thereafter during our follow-on support Initial 30-minute call Written 'mock' plan prior to visit proposing bedtime method & routine Overnight stay 6pm - 7am Written plan and routine 2x weeks of unlimited follow-on support £1195 (Discount on further nights)
  • Weaning Support
    Perfect for families who are new to the weaning process and would like all the advice on how to start, the equipment you need (and what you don’t!) how to feed your baby and when, how to drop milk feeds in relation to weaning and everything in between. 45-minute call £95
  • Potty Training SOS
    A one-off 45-minute call dedicated to helping you troubleshoot potty training if you are experiencing difficulties. This call can also be used as a tutorial before embarking on potty training to gather all the know-how before you begin. 45-minute call £95
  • The Maternity Package
    Perfect for parents of baby 0 to 3-months. Or, for the newest little one you have just welcomed home! As a maternity nurse and feeding specialist I am able to take you through all the know-how on caring for your new baby and what this entails... Breastfeeding or Bottle-Feeding support Sleep and Settling Health and Hygiene of baby Reflux and Colic advice Includes 60-minute phone consultation (allow up to 90-minutes) Newborn information pack & routine 2x weeks unlimited follow-on support Further 2x 30-minute calls to use within one month of consultation £450 (In-home support available at £595)
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