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Welcome to Beauchamp Baby Consultancy EST 2015

Offering Gentle, Practical & Bespoke Support for your unique family 

 Francesca Beauchamp

Maternity Nurse

Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Weaning, Reflux & Lactation Specialist

Beauchamp Baby Consultancy is founded by Francesca Beauchamp - Maternity Nurse, Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Weaning Expert & Lactation-Reflux Specialist with eighteen wonderful years experience working side by side parents specialising in babies and children of 0-4yrs of age. Beauchamp Baby offers bespoke support, tailored to your unique circumstances.


If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed with the amount of conflicting advice there is out there - I am here to make this all really simple and straight-forward and would love to help guide you through a gentle step by step process where you create a calm and reliable environment in which your child sleeps peacefully and with confidence.


Getting Francesca's help with our little one’s sleep issues was the best decision we could possibly have made. After 16 months of pretty much no sleep, anxiety as new parents and overall concern for our boy's (and our) health, we are now finally enjoying parenting the way we imagined we would. 

After doing my research and speaking to a few baby sleep coaches, once I spoke to Francesca I knew that she was the one for us. Not only is she kind and understanding but she really knows her stuff and the science behind sleep!

We had tried it all, the maternity nurse, the books, the sleep programs but it just wasn’t working. We knew we were onto something good when Francesca’s response was to find something that worked for our little one rather than forcing him to conform to a text book!

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