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 Francesca Beauchamp

Maternity Nurse

Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Weaning, Reflux & Lactation Specialist

The moment you hold your baby in your arms your life changes. Your heart expands almost instantaneously! You have jumped aboard the emotional rollercoaster of ever-evolving parenthood. This journey is full of some of the most magical, memorable and exciting times ahead. But no one said having a baby was easy right?! You will inevitably have ups and downs and that is a completely natural part of this adventure.


During my 18-year career I have had the pleasure to work with thousands of babies, countless sets of twins, and a handful of triplets. I have worked with many wonderful families within London and worldwide, specialising in the care of newborn babies up until five years of age as a maternity nurse, sleep consultant, weaning expert & lactation and reflux specialist.


I have guided hundreds upon hundreds of families through gentle sleep processes culminating in consolidated sleep for their little ones and a well-rested family unit as a result. As a family you will all have your own unique dynamic and individual parenting approaches and my role as a sleep consultant is to help you find a sleep method that suits you as a family, one which you can sustain, and that helps your little one to create long-term emotionally healthy sleep habits.

I also help families and their little ones to manage reflux and sleep, whether this be associated with CMPA or more generalised reflux. Feeding and sleep can become very affected when your little one suffers from reflux, it can feel never-ending, however, there are ways to manage this to help them become more comfortable.

Throughout the years I have spent with babies and children I have experienced a seemingly never-ending spectrum of individuality between each family and child, -so this is a judgement-free zone! However, all of those families fundamentally united in their intrinsic need for consolidated and restorative sleep, which is where I step in to help. I absolutely pride myself on being an empathetic and uplifting source and I am here to fully assist you along this journey, both practically and emotionally.

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